Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cutest with nice smile baby contest

lagi satu contest aku nk join hari ni.... contest ni anjurkan oleh &ita Maternity online store

antara syaratnya.. macam biasa dh aku dah add &ita maternity banner & link in bloglist
Please attach your most cutest with smile baby photo in your blog(sekeping jek ek).. ok ini gambarnya my baby....

And lastly, email me your participation at anidanitakanapi@yahoo.com. Don't forget to leave your blog name/email.(comment box problem x tau naper, so email ek, sorry sgt..)The contest will run for one month until 23 December 2009 . The winner will be selected based on the most cutest smile. I will announce the lucky winners on 25 December 2009.. ok, nnt saya emel ok.

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ieyza said...

hehehe...comeynyerr...nampak bayang2 gigi yang bakal tumbuh tu