Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baby Wearing Baju Melayu/Baju Kurung Contest

Baby Wearing Baju Melayu/Baju Kurung Contest

meh kita reramai try contest ni la... Contest ni dianjurkan oleh anak2u

apa syarat2nya:

A) For ALL Bloggers (5 steps)

1. Firstly, become a follower of my blog by clicking the "Follow" button in my sidebar!
2. Subscribe to my blog updates by entering your email into the "Mailing List" box in the sidebar.

3. Put in our blog's link or banner into your website's sidebar or links page - just copy and paste the following code ;Copy the code in my sidebar to your website to display this banner!
4. Write a post on your blog linking to this contest- "Baby wearing Baju Melayu/Baju Kurung Contest". Please include your kid's photo, name,age with your fullname, mailing address, contact number and email.

Nama baby: Aimy Zulaikha Mohd Ismail

Umur: 7 Bulan

Nama Ibu: Wan Noor'Aili Wan Hussain


5. Then come back here and leave your message in my shoutbox or comment box.B)

1 comment:

Widurisha said...

Thanks join contest.
Nantikan resultnya ya.
Good luck!!!